CPG Test Multiple Social Media Influencer Platforms

Kvantum helps a leading CPG brand establish a test framework to make informed investment into marketing technology partner.

Targeting Baby Boomers via Social Media Influencer Platform
Growth in the adult-diaper market is outpacing that of every other paper-based household staple in the U.S. Euromonitor
International forecasts a 48 percent increase in sales in the category, to $2.7 billion in 2020 from $1.8 billion last year. That
compares with expected growth of 2.6 percent, to $6.3 billion, during that period for baby diapers. And in only a decade, sales of
diapers for adults could surpass those for babies at leading brands. With an increased demand in the adult care category, big-box
retailers started introducing private label brands in this category. An increased competition from retailers led a leading adultdiaper
CPG brand to engage & influence the targeted audience through social media.

The brand launched a pilot test with a new social media influencer platform (“TEST”) to engage custom audiences on social media.
The brand’s hypothesis was that the TEST platform could provide increased budget efficiency and higher performance than the
current platform (CONTROL), as the current platform mostly buys ad directly on Facebook whereas the TEST platform claimed
to find audiences for content specific to the social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

Marketing Technology Innovation & Brand teams engaged Kvantum to:
1. Determine the cost efficiency that a third party social media influencer platform (TEST) provides in comparison to current
platform (CONTROL).
2. Assess the scalability of TEST platform in terms of ROI with increased media investment.
3. Find the right mix of influencer platforms based on the budget efficiency & commercial metrics.

“In the new Digital Era, one is exposed to numerous emerging AdTech and MarTech platforms and to make the proper investment, one needs a measurement partner like Kvantum who could innovate at the speed of light and advise you in timely manner.”

Integrated Media Planning, Sr. Director

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