Location based Marketing, Mobile, Ad targeting, Cinema

Top 3 Things to Consider for Cinema Advertising in Media Mix?

Machine Learning, Media Mentions

Kvantum Shortlisted for the AIconics Awards At AI Summit

Retail, Industry Trends, Shopper Marketing, Ecommerce

Consumers Shopping Behavior & Trends- Retail Sales & E-commerce are growing

Retail, Industry Trends, Back to school

Back-to-school shopping is the second most important season for Retailers

Industry Trends, IoT, Augumented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality

IoT is growing and has a long way to go!

Digital Marketing Attibution, Media Mentions, Real-Time Attribution

Kvantum is part of Performance & Attribution Stack by chiefmartec.com- 2017

Case Study, Cross-channel, Digital Marketing, Marketing Mix

Well known Household Brand Improves Brand Positioning by Optimal Pricing & Key Marketing Channels Selection

Case Study, Programmatic, Social Media, Influencer Marketing

CPG Brand Optimizes Creative Ads Specific to Social & Display Channels

Case Study, CPG, ROI, Social Media, Media Buying

A Leading CPG Determines Best Campaign KPIs to Optimize Commercial Metrics

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