Kvantum welcomes the opportunity to show you a demo of our real-time marketing performance & attribution platform. In past 18 months Kvantum have on-boarded more than 20+ brands with a total annual revenue of more than $100Bn. Our customers include the most forward-thinking brands including Kimberly-Clark, TNF, Target, Ross Stores & Macys.

Over the past year, we have helped clients increase their digital ROI from 30% -60%, while maintaining spend levels.

We have recently been selected under "Performance & Attribution" stack for marketing technology landscape 2015 by  chiefmartech.com.
Performance Attribution Stack

What Kvantum Does?

Kvantum is a full service marketing performance optimization and attribution company which enables clients in rapid monitoring of marketing ROI & generating actionable recommendations. Specifically we provide the following:
  • In depth analysis of paid, earned & owned media attribution both online & offline.
  • Establish consumer journeys across offline & digital channels for various consumer segments, & quantify cross channel impact
  • Rapid reads of MROI for any campaign & any channel in flight.
  • Deliver insights and recommendations in as early as 2 weeks once the data is collected.
  • On demand web based marketing ROI dashboard

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