Digital Marketing Attribution in the world of Pharma - Kvantum

Current salesforce effectiveness and marketing analytics often focus on the detailing, sampling and sales force. Marketing spend on digital channels (including tools) is increasing while sales force is contracting. Digital channels are growing in usage and increasingly influence physicians as well as patients.

The industry is moving rapidly towards a multi-channel, multi-touchpoint relationship with the physician and the patient

  1. Most current ROI models are static and focus on sales levers alone
  2. Block box models with time lag of 4-6 months
  3. Independent Chanel Analysis – Pharma struggles with combining the analysis arising from different channels.
  4. Additionally the customers are not exposed to multiple channels at the same time.

Current state analytics does not provide any insight into the synergies between digital spend & traditional sales force effectiveness channels. Kvantum can help pharma brands to measure impact of spend in digital channels to maximize ROI from sales force.

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