Strategies in Advertising: Programmatic Buying, Targeting, Analytics and Contextual Media

By Shilpi Sharma Posted April 30, 2015 In TV, Cross-channel, Industry Trends, Media Mentions

Digital Hollywood conference was held on Apr 27th to Apr 30th 2015 at Marina del Rey, California. Leaders from various industries collaborated to discuss trends that are affecting advertising. Harpreet Singh, CEO of Kvantum, joined other leaders (listed below) to discuss strategies in Programmatic Buying, Targeting, Analytics and Contextual Media that lead to better marketing return.

  • Sheridan Orr Senior Director of Product Marketing, Conductor
  • Michael Hannon, VP, Yield and Revenue Optimization, Purch
  • James Ackerman, Executive Chairman, Broadway Systems
  • Christopher Curtis, VP Product and Operations, Connexity
  • Mark Osborne, VP of Sales & marketing, CitizenNet
  • Sean Malatesta, CEO, Micasa Multi-Platform TV Network, Moderator

Harpreet Singh shared his point of view on role of programmatic display media buying in cross channel attribution. Key Themes that emerged during the panel:

  1. Programmatic TV is an emerging trend to aggregate and sell inventory for non-rated TV networks. While a programmatic TV exchanges do not really support real time bidding and delivery of TV adverting, these exchanges are now providing non-rated TV networks to large brand advertisers. Programmatic TV advertising is at least a few years from maturity as there isn’t much infrastructure to deliver TV advertising real time or even within a 12 - 24 hour window. The concept of real time bidding of TV spots does not really apply in such a scenario. Additionally, the inventory available through programmatic TV advertising is only non-rated TV networks which cater to specific niche audience. Most unrated TV networks prohibit TV ad exchanges from selling advertising to existing clients leading to limited buyers available accessible to a TV ad exchange. Overall, programmatic TV advertising quite nascent and is at least a few years away from being a sustainable market.
  2. Programmatic display advertising in comparison is a well evolved ecosystem. There a multiple established players in the market on both the sell side and demand side. The key trend in the demand side programmatic display advertising is increasing access to consumer data, and hence continuous optimization of ad buying to maximize ROI. On the sell side, the display advertising market is moving towards private exchanges, to complement existing sell side platforms.
  3. Key future trends in programmatic display advertising include - brands building in house infrastructure for ad bidding and buying using additional data beyond customer segments available through a DSP.

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In TV, Cross-Channel, Industry Trends, Media Mentions

By ,  Posted Apr 30th 2015