Leading Multi-brand CPG company Evaluates Walmart as a Media Channel

By Kvantum Team Posted October 22, 2016 In Retail, Case Study, CPG, Cross-channel, Digital Marketing, Shopper Marketing

Kvantum enabled client to measure individual and cross channel sales impacts of Walmart media events both online and offline.

Understanding Walmart’s Media Impact In last few years, various top retailers like Target and Walmart has started new shopper marketing tactics including various in-store formats. Over the past few years, various large retailers such as Target and Walmart have started new advertising and in-store tactics that various CPG brands have added to their shopper marketing portfolio Additionally, top retailers are also proving media placements on their eCommerce portals (.Com site) via their own ad exchanges. A leading baby diaper brand started a pilot with Walmart Media Exchange (WMX) and related in-store shopper marketing tactics as part of “Test & Learn” strategy. The Shopper Marketing team needed to understand the effectiveness of media & in-store marketing tactics within Walmart stores on Walmart sales (in-store & online).

The Shopper Marketing team specifically wanted to gain insight on:

  1. What is the impact of the Walmart Media Exchange (Audience Extension “AXT”, Onsite, WMX Social, WMX Mobile) on Walmart sales (in-store & online)?
  2. What is the impact of in-store activities like in-aisle signage (shelf strip & shelf blades, shelf strips & cubes), launch pallets, in-store TV, End caps, Shelf talk on Walmart sales (in-store & online both)
  3. Determine the effectiveness of co-equity TV (regular TV co-branded)
  4. Is there any impact of Walmart marketing activities on non-Walmart (in-store & online) sales?

“Kvantum truly partnered with us to provide ROI and volume contribution on various shopper marketing & media tactics. We were able to measure sales impact in-store & online and reliably plan for next year.”

Director, Shopper Marketing

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In Retail, Case Study, CPG, Cross-Channel, Digital Marketing, Shopper Marketing

By ,  Posted Oct 22nd 2016