Leading Diaper Brand Evaluates Impact on Bottom Line from Social Media Crisis

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Kvantum quantify sales impact and provides real-time crisis measurement capabilities for a leading CPG brand undergoing a social media crisis.

Viral Video Impacts Sales In a category where product safety, quality and reliability are key aspects for buying consideration, a major Diaper/Wipes Brand faced a negative PR and Social Media challenge, when an individual consumer posted a video on a social media platform raising concerns regarding the product safety for newborn about one of the wipes products (generally sold with diapers).

The video went viral and in one week, daily online buzz (based on overall social buzz across various platforms) was at its peak for the Brand. To put things in perspective, the client had similar negative social media situation a year earlier about an advertisement that consumers did not like it. The buzz created by the recent viral video was almost 6 times of what the brand had seen in the last year.

As it is typical with viral social media sensationalism, there was concern from the brand that product sales would be negatively affected due to the negative sentiment generated by both the video and the follow up posts/comments posted by other consumers (moms, buyers of the product). The brand needed take leap into action to address the situation in a trusted but quick manner. The brand set up the corporate hotline for consumers, mobilized a team of social media community managers to manage the social media, and engaged Kvantum to understand:

The brand turned to Kvantum to understand:

  1. How current & future sales would be impacted across top retailers due to the negative sentiment? Should the channel sales team adjust the sales forecast?
  2. What is the best way to share insights across both the senior leadership team (to get approval) and the PR team (to take action)?
  3. What would be the “Halo impact” on complimentary product’s sales i.e. Diaper product sales?
  4. If the same issue come up on social media, how long would it last and what will the incremental impact on sales be?

“Thank you for providing a solid story for the brand on the short-term & long-term sales impact (within a week from the crisis) and what it will take to rebound. This is what agile analytics looks like!"

-- Senior Analytics Leader, Global Marketing Research & Analytics

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In Retail, Case Study, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Sales Forecasting

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