A leading Diaper Brand faced a huge PR and Social Media Management challenge when an individual consumer posted a video to social media raising concerns about one of the wipes products. Video went viral and in one week, daily online buzz (based on overall social buzz across various platforms) was at its peak for the Brand.

As is typical with viral social media sensationalism, there was concern from the brand that product sales were going to be negatively affected due to the inappropriate content posting and associated negative sentiment in buyers (esp.moms). Global Marketing Research & Analytics leadership team engaged Kvantum to address the situation in a trusted but quick manner.

In this case study you’ll learn:

  1. The specific questions the brand wanted to understand about future sales impact across top retailers due to negative sentiment.
  2. The social media channels that were driving the impact on short-term sales.
  3. How data driven insights can help a brand turning a crisis into a small challenge ready to be overcome.

Tags: Negative Sentiment Impact, Sales Forecasting, Retail Promotions