CPG Improves TV Ad Spending and Trade Promotions Alignment

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Kvantum provides a deep understanding of TV’s cross-channel impact to drive higher sales for multiple competitive CPG categories.

TV Still Reigns In the highly competitive CPG categories such as - Baby Care, Adult Hygiene and Household Cleaning, there are millions of dollars ($$$) invested on TV advertising. While digital spend is catching up, TV still accounts for over 36% of advertising budget for CPG esp the household category owns a large share of the TV advertising pie. A leading multi-CPG company invested heavily in TV along with other digital & consumer promotions for three “Billion Dollar” brands across following categories - Baby Care (Brand A), Adult Hygiene (Brand B) and Household Cleaning (Brand C). The brand teams along with the marketing analytics team wanted to get a detailed understanding of TV metrics, TV performance and recommendations to ensure that they were making the best use of the TV media spend.

The brand teams engaged Kvantum to better understand:

  1. Attribution by TV commercial with recommendations based on performance by commercial, dayparts, day of week and creative.
  2. A recommended TV flighting and optimal spend for maximum sales impact as well as for most measurability
  3. Estimated cross-channel impact of other advertising channels and consumer promotions on TV, and vice versa.
  4. Estimated build of adstock for TV through the duration of the commercial program including diminishing returns.

“Kvantum’s marketing performance solution provides true cross-channel optimization. Our traditional media mix vendor have not been able to provide cross-channel impact at the level of details & at the speed as Kvantum delivers.

VP, Global Marketing Research & Analytics

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In TV, Case Study, CPG, Cross-Channel, Digital Marketing Attibution, Media Mix, Social Media

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