Consumer Electronics Brand Optimizes for the Right Media Mix to Drive Higher Brand Awareness

Kvantum helps consumer electronics company assess impact of media investments & product launches on incremental sales.

Product Launch Specific Marketing Campaigns
The global smart lighting market is expected to be valued at ~ USD 20 Billion by 2022 at a CAGR of 27% between 2016 and 2022.
The increasing consumer demand for energy-efficient lighting systems and the development in IoT technology in the field of smart
lighting are expected to drive the growth of this market. To tap into the demand growth, a leading consumer electronics (smart IOT
devices) brand expanded its customer base by launching a new smart light product & accessories across all top retailers (Best Buy,
Walmart, Amazon) across North America over a period of last two and a half years. Brand launched five new products in last two
year; invested in seasonal marketing and ran eight product launch campaigns for the same period. Mid year, the brand
witnessed an increase in sales. The brand needed an exhaustive analysis of its media spend by channel touch-points to understand
the impact of new products launches on sales of the existing product line.

The marketing leadership team engaged Kvantum to specifically:
1. Determine incremental sales driven by marketing spend & launch specific campaign activity.
2. Effect of marketing across different retailers in Canada & US.
3. Provide an optimized channel mix for the future product launches in the same category.

“Kvantum was able to bring understanding of consumer electronics industry and stitch together business specific models. We were able to not only reduce marketing waste (~40%) but maximize the ROI.”

Vice President, North America Marketing

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