What is Kvantum’s real-time marketing attribution solution?

By Shilpi Sharma Posted June 15, 2014 In Agile Marketing, Digital Marketing Attibution, ROI

We provide business dashboards for ongoing campaigns. These dashboards are available on-demand, and are refreshed in real time through an automated workflow. In addition, we provide tools for analysts to provide addition contextual detail to the outcomes provided by the product's attribution algorithms and models.

Attribution outcomes provide both top down channel driven insights as well as bottom up customer specific insights. We provide tools for planning various spend and marketing scenarios and generating detailed weekly recommendations for optimization of marketing spend. Through these recommendations marketers can generate the optimal media spend and ad-exposure plans for optimal ROI or profit.

For all those clients, who love to see inside the box and play with it, we provide your analytics teams with 100s of pre-built marketing & commerce models to conduct in depth analysis of attribution outcomes on our platform. Additionally a marketing analyst can further build complex, dynamic, hierarchical models and incorporate these seamlessly with the rest of the attribution platform.

In Agile Marketing, Digital Marketing Attibution, ROI

By ,  Posted Jun 15th 2014