What does Kvantum do?

By Harpreet Singh Posted May 17, 2014 In Agile Marketing, Digital Marketing Attibution, Real-Time Attribution

We are building a most innovative real-time attribution platform that enables a marketer support agile marketing. Marketing attribution is a problem that many companies are trying to solve in many different ways. Our vision is to directly work with brands and helping them understand their marketing channels, campaigns, consumers, products, and competition in real-time. We believe that attribution is the backbone for any organization (including marketing or finance) and attribution driven decisions can help companies optimizing overall working as well as non-working dollar spend while building the brands that resonates with the consumers across all the touch points.

And yes, we also measure and monitor the effectiveness of all marketing, commerce and customer service touch points through real time attribution of sales, CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value), online conversions and other industry specific metrics.

Currently we are working with leading brands in various industries including retail, apparel, consumer packaged goods, and life sciences/pharma. We love working with brands that do not get satisfied by just measuring clicks/conversions and are ready to adopt agile marketing.

We will keep innovating and sharing that innovation through out blogs going forward. If there is any topic you would like us to cover, do write to us.

In Agile Marketing, Digital Marketing Attibution, Real-Time Attribution

By ,  Posted May 17th 2014