Well known Household Brand Improves Brand Positioning by Optimal Pricing & Key Marketing Channels Selection

Kvantum enabled integrated marketing measurement solution and provided key insights to Global Marketing Analytics & Growth Strategies team for marketing mix budget planning for next year.

Pricing For Success

Last year, the Waste Bag Category saw a marked increase in pricing compared to the prior year across all tiers of brands. The brand was positioned such that its price was higher than private label brands but, lower than its top competitor. The brand reintroduced marketing spend after almost a year of non-marketing period and the key spend included approx. 65% YOY increase in consumer promotions. The increase in advertising & consumer promotions, accompanied with pricing change in the overall category, left the Marketing Analytics & Growth Strategy team with a variety of questions on how they could better position the brand.

Specifically, the Marketing Analytics & Brand team wanted to better understand:

  1. How should they position their waste bags brand? Should the price be comparable to the premium competitor or to the private label brand?
  2. How is their overall advertising performing and which media channels are driving more volume and profit?
  3. Where should they be spending money to sustain the profits or volumes?
  4. How have trade and consumer promotions performed?
  5. What are the implications of a price change for the brand?

“Deep-dive insights into each marketing channel were extremely valuable in helping us shape our marketing plan. We learned a lot about our own category, products and consumer behavior.”

- Global Marketing Director, Household Category

By Kvantum Team,  Posted May 4th 2017