Kvantum VoC Analytics on Social Media Conversations

Kvantum Supports Evolution of Brands in Digital World

Social Media Based Segments
Identify audience segments based on social media conversations across FB, IG, Twitter, etc. Enhance existing survey based segments with social media segments.
Trend Hunting
Uncover category headwinds & whitespace and topics to determine changing customer behavior, trending products and brands, and market opportunities.
Social Media ROI
Quantify impact of conversations/campaigns across social media platforms on sales or brand equity.
Digital Personas
Understanding who, what, when, why and how consumers are engaging with the brand & using your products.
Conversation Mix
Determine an optimal mix of various types of conversation themes across the digital platform - blogs, media, PR, social media.
Promotions Mix
Increase conversions by delivering right promotions to the right audience across Mobile, Web & Social.
AI-driven consumer insights help leading brands understand opportunities to overtake new markets. Let us help you.

Identify Audience Segments from Digital Conversations

Kvantum analyzes millions of conversations collected via social media/digital platforms*, extracts the themes that truly impact the sales, brand equity or business driver.                                                  
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Rich & Relevant Experience Across Brand Categories

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We empower social media and consumer insights teams via true intelligence extracted from consumer conversations. Contact us to learn more.

Industry Accolades From The Best

AIConics Award -Best AI Application for Sales & Marketing - Kvantum

These People Love It

In response to a negative PR event,  We were able to predict the impact at retail sales and to counter the impact we were able to identify the right promotion for each consumer segment. This is what Agile Analytics look like!
Laura Eagloski, Insights & Analytics Senior Leader, Kimberly-Clark
Kvantum has brought an advanced, machine learning based consumer segmentation approach to Coca-Cola. Kvantum not only identified emerging segments from millions of digital conversation but also spotted whitespace for the beverage portfolio in Asia region. Kvantum has enhanced our existing survey insights with insights from social media to create much more actionable marketing strategies.
Surjit Swain, Head of Analytics ASEAN BU, The Coca-Cola Company
Kvantum VoC has two qualities much needed in the profession of Social Media analytics:  Rigor and Discernment. Rigor in insistence on using client sales metrics to determine Social Media content worthy of attention. Discernment in Kvantum algorithms that separate wheat from chaff in social media posts, particularly when typical sentiment analysis would be misled. Highly recommended.
Paul Cragin, Owner at CraginCube Consulting, LLC.

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