A leading premium brand for baby care products was struggling to gain market share both in-store and on Amazon.com despite consistent investment on Amazon.com specific marketing & merchandising. The Brand Marketing team had social media monitoring tool and brand equity surveys conducted. However none of these methods were successful in finding drivers to capture market share on Amazon.com.

In this case study, you will learn how voice of consumer analytics can help brand to:

  1. Build a specific publisher strategy where brand could engage with the consumer to maximize the engagement.
  2. Identify topics that could be highlighted in the ad copy and brand messaging.
  3. Bring media and consumer promotions in sync with the consumer voice.
  4. Understand themes that impacted in-store & Amazon.com sales.

Tags: Publisher Discovery, Competitive Insights, Voice of Consumers Analytics, Media Optimization, Sales Drivers on Amazon.com, Refine Brand Messaging/Voice