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It’s that time of year again. Let's look at some of the trends and predictions for 2016 in terms of Digital Marketing, growth in ad spend, trends in mobile advertising, trends in data science, digital ad trends. Below are some of the trends / predictions for 2016

India (13.0%) and China (6.9%) are predicted to record the strongest annual increases in ad spend in 2016 as posted by article in BestMediaInfo- India, China to record strongest annual ad spend growth in 2016: Warc**.** The US, the world’s largest ad market, is expected to see ad spend rise 4.9% next year. Across all key markets, internet ad spend will continue to register rapid growth, rising 17.4% and 12.2% this year and next. Conversely, advertising expenditure for TV is estimated to have fallen by 2.5% this year, although these losses will be negated by a forecast 2.9% rise in 2016.

Predictions: 16 digital marketing trends for 2016 as posted by CMO. As 2015 draws to a close, digital marketing experts agree it has been a milestone year where online has transformed how businesses interact with customers. Marketing leaders, analysts and industry commentators talk about what the digital marketing mix will look like in the New Year and whether 2016 is shaping up to be even more competitive, complex and evolutionary.

Top Trends for Mobile Advertising and Data Science in 2016 as posted by Adage. The use of mobile devices as vehicles for content, communication and efficiency continues to grow as global smartphone penetration maintains double-digit growth for the near future. The distinction between digital and linear channels will begin to blur by the end of 2016.

India's advertising growth rate for 2015 has been 13 per cent and the estimated Rs 45,000-crore domestic ad market will grow at this rate in the next year as well, according to agency. Double-digit ad growth will continue till 2018, with the total ad market expanding by $3 billion (nearly Rs 20,000 crore) between 2015 and 2018 as posted by article in Business Standard- India's ad growth to remain steady in 2016. Print advertising will grow at 10 per cent. E-commerce, telecom, mobile phones are expected to have the maximum growth next year, followed by automobiles and FMCG(fast-moving consumer goods)," says Anupriya Acharya, group chief executive of ZenithOptimedia India. This is similar to the trend seen this year, experts say.

The trends that will drive the mobile industry forward involve more intimate engagement with consumers, more advanced targeting and generally a better ad product as posted by MediaPost- Deep-Linking Into Mobile Trends 2016. Content and creativity will reign supreme next year. It is reported that mobile ad spend will top $100B, and could account for more than 50% of digital ad spend by the end of 2016. China and the U.S. are expected to account for almost two-thirds of the market, but even in Britain, mobile is expected to overtake television ad spend next year. 2016 is set to be a year of evolution and revolution, providing users with a much less intrusive and more engaging advertising experience.

Trends for 2016: Five Predictions for What Won't Happen as posted by eMarketer. While digital trends like mobile messaging apps and mobile commerce will continue to heat up in 2016, other things like viewability and ad blocking won’t. eMarketer predicted what will not happen next year. The debate over ad blocking will heat up and maybe even boil over this coming year. US digital ad spending is on the verge of topping TV ad spend for the first time, but it probably won't happen in 2016. In 2016, partnerships will continue to form as traditional TV outlets move more of their content to digital and digital content companies look to expand their reach.

In 2015, digital ads made up more than a third of total ad expenditures in Canada, eMarketer estimates, and that percentage will continue to climb in 2016 as posted by eMarketer- Canada's Ad Market Continues Inexorable Shift to Digital**.** In 2016, Search advertising will account for 53.0% of digital spending. TV advertising will remain a major fixture in advertiser plans. Print advertising—both in newspapers and magazines—will still command about a fifth of total ad spending in Canada in 2016.

Do you think that India and China will have the strongest annual increase in ad spend in 2016? Do you think that ad spend and viewability gain the spotlight in 2016? Do you think that mobile advertising will reach new heights in 2016? Do you think that Search advertising is the leading digital ad format in Canada and will remain in 2016? Feel free to share your comments with us.

Image source- http://www.cmo.com.au/article/590827/predictions-16-digital-marketing-trends-2016/

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