Trends / Predictions for 2015

By Kvantum Team Posted January 10, 2015 In Big Data, Digital Marketing, Industry Trends

Lets look at some of the trends/ predictions for 2015.

As digital marketing industry is undergoing a transformation, article in josic.com Big Data Trends for 2015, talks about data trends expected to drive marketing in 2015.

Article in Tech Cruch, What 2015 Has In Store For Native Ads, TV And Email, predicts what marketers should anticipate in 2015 like Google will offer a “custom audiences” solution, analogous to Facebook’s, Television advertising- despite the growth of online video, continues to play a role in marketing budgets for traditional and emerging businesses, publishers who are serving native ads through third parties will decide to take the business in-house.

Mobile will impact every aspect of life, as wearables, new apps, mhealth, social platforms, mobile shopping, video adds and more have permeated our lives. Here's how Anna Yong, Jaskaran Sangha and Mikko Disini at Citrix thinks these trends will develop in 2015, posted in article 10 predictions for the mobile world in 2015.

Programmatic has become one of the most talked-about innovations in advertising this year. 2015 will see greater recognition and understanding of programmatic among advertising professionals. Article in Digital Journal, talks about Programmatic trends to watch for in 2015. “Anything that can be automated will be automated,” Weide told inma’s David Murphy, points to forecasts predicting $14.7 billion in programmatic spending for 2015, $38.1 billion by 2016 and a staggering $55.3 billion by 2017 as proof that the disruptive technology is here to stay.

Experts believe that they will see better cross device and cross screen strategies from marketers in 2015, as posted by article in Biz Report - Mobile, video to see analytics changes in 2015. This strategy is based on data compiled during this quarter. "2015 will be a key year for gaining a better understanding of measurement in mobile as well as cross screen," said Anna Bager, SVP and General Manager of Mobile and Video with IAB.

As Social media advertising is getting stronger, digital platforms want businesses to provide more valuable content to consumers through data driven marketing. Businesses and agencies are to grow their online marketing team in 2015 as digital marketing beats traditional advertising. Business2community talks about - 10 Digital Marketing Predictions For 2015

Article in information-management talks about- Big Data Industry Predictions 2015. The year 2014 saw major progress in technology. Smart cars, connected devices, cloud computing, data analytics, 3D printing etc. These are also to make major leaps forward in 2015 as well. Article in techtimes talks about Top Tech Trends in 2015: What will be hot.

Article in MarketingLand, talks about- 5 Affiliate Marketing Resolutions For 2015. It talks about tips to focus on as advertisers see the true value in affiliate marketing and the industry continues to grow.

Ericsson forecasts that by 2020, 90% of the world’s population over age 6 will have a mobile phone. Article in smallbusiness talks about Consumer Trends to Expect in 2015. It talks about invention and utilization of new technologies and business ideas and consumers tend to follow.

Article in MediaPost talks about- In 2015, It's Time To Turn Words Into Action which talks about this coming year will turn into action, and whether that action will generate demand. With that in mind, the three words, that need to change- Programmatic, Ad Buy and Media Company.

What changes are you adapting in 2015.

In Big Data, Digital Marketing, Industry Trends

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