Real-time digital Attribution - How does it work for clients?

By Harpreet Singh Posted August 22, 2016 In Big Data, Digital Marketing Attibution, Real-Time Attribution, ROI

We understand that starting an attribution project might seem a daunting task for organizations. To take the pain & complexity away from the onboarding process, we have built our platform in such a way that we can incrementally add any data set. The typical implementation and roll out times can vary from 2 - 6 weeks.

The initial setup period is required for our algorithms to learn for data sources, fine tune models and validate business outcomes. While the initial setup can incorporate any type of structured or unstructured data sources, the platform can start delivering value quickly using even the basic marketing and sales data. Once the setup is complete any number of new data sources can be incorporated in the platform seamlessly.

The Kvantum platform does not require long implementation times to setup all data interfaces, or fine tune and evaluate models. Our algorithms automatically learn data patterns, data structure, determine the right set of statistical or machine learning techniques, model evaluations, variable interactions, model validations, etc.

Our models and algorithms automatically adapt to change in the marketing environment, addition or removal of channels, or new data sources, thereby enabling us to provide our clients a virtually touch free approach to analytics. However we are not a black box system. We make all the models pertinent to your business available for analysis and modification.

Our platform can scale to extremes of data sizes. We can routinely incorporate analysis of 100+ TB data sets without requiring any special implementation, and at the other extreme we can work with really sparse, limited data sets to help generate the best possible insights.

We work with clients directly to deploy the platform in cloud or on premise (as an appliance). We also have channel partnerships and welcome any agency or analytics provider who would like to partner with us to sell Kvantum’s real-time digital attribution solution to its clients. If interested, send a note to us.

In Big Data, Digital Marketing Attibution, Real-Time Attribution, ROI

By ,  Posted Aug 22nd 2016