Marketing Trends - Applying Internet’s ad-targeting capabilities to TV

The TV industry is playing catch up with digital marketing industry when it comes to ad-targeting at a consumer level in real-time manner.

Marketers place ads not just on traditional demographic categories of age and gender, but also their geographical location, shopping habits and other bits of information logged as consumers that go over the Internet. According to eMarketer, spending on digital ads is expected to reach about $82 billion by 2018, overshadowing TV spending.

TV Ad Spending: Back to the Future? An article in 4hoteliers, also points out TV remains the biggest advertising platform in terms of money spent and how targeted Television ads are not only possible but are actually being used by a number of companies including Choice Hotels seeks to upend that line of thinking.

Marketers and TV networks are using new technologies to target more specific audiences. An article posted In Wall Street Journal Targeted Ads? TV Can Do That Now Too, talks about companies such as Simulmedia Inc., Nielsen Holdings NV, Rentrak Corp. and TiVo Inc. has started to apply the lessons of “Big Data” to television. They are using new sets of data to help pinpoint viewers with much precision rather than using the traditional demographic categories of age and gender.

TV Ad Targeting Gets More Sophisticated, an article posted by Mediapost, talks about recent OMMA Audience Targeting conference where it was discussed that advertisers, programmers and MVPDs have gotten more sophisticated about targeting ads for TV viewers and opportunity for reaching target customers is increasing along with encouraging more purchases. Because of increasing innovation & automation, advancements that make TV advertising even more effective will be increasing.

Article published by E-consultancy- How are brands driving TV ad viewers online? talks about investigation to see how the adverts in a commercial break try to get people online. According to Ericsson Consumer Lab, out of 15,000 people surveyed, 75% use mobile devices at the same time as they watch TV.

Politicians are also seeing this potential, as article posted by CMO today Data-Driven TV Ad Targeting Works in Politics Too. The article talked about how politicians have begun to analyze huge consumer research databases alongside ratings information in order to better target key voters and to boost their campaign.

Article posted by iptv-news, European social TV stats reveal "Multi-screen consumers changing viewing habits", talks about how ‘multi-screening’ is becoming a mainstream activity in many countries and how opportunity for advertisers exist by merging TV and internet. It showed latest statistics by TV organizations from around Europe to affirm how TV and social media complement each other.

Are you applying Internet’s ad-targeting capabilities to TV? Do share your ideas and comments with us. We love to hear and discuss new ideas in the industry.

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