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Digital Marketing Trends in 2015

How would Marketing Technology, Policy and Tools evolve in 2015.
Kvantum Team
Growing of IOT and its effects
2015 looks to be a busy year. Let us look at how marketing technology, policy, and tools will evolve in 2015. Mobile and tablet have become the dominating source of traffic for many internet brands in recent years. Article in IABUK talks about -What to look out for in 2015 in digital marketing. 2015...
Kvantum Team
The craze of super bowl is all over. Each winter, millions of Americans gather around their televisions for Super Bowl Sunday. The Super Bowl is the championship game of the National Football League (NFL). To make commercials that are memorable, funny and clever, advertisers invest even more money. Super Bowl commercials have developed a...

Digital Marketing Attribution in the world of Pharma

Digital Marketing Attribution Series, Vol 1
Harpreet Singh
Digital Marketing Attribution
Current salesforce effectiveness and marketing analytics often focus on the detailing, sampling and sales force. Marketing spend on digital channels (including tools) is increasing while sales force is contracting. Digital channels are growing in usage and increasingly influence physicians as well as patients. The industry is moving rapidly towards a multi-channel, multi-touchpoint relationship with...
Kvantum Team
Agile Marketing
Kvantum showcased the technology behind its real-time marketing performance & attribution platform during Nvidia ECS event. Here is what Rob Enderle (Tech News World) had to say about Kvantum. Just one of the many cool companies at ECS: Kvantum. Companies spend millions on advertising, and most of the money they spend is largely wasted....