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Smart computing is backbone of marketing attribution product

Smart Data & Computing Series, Vol 1
Shilpi Sharma
Smart Data & Computing
To support real time analytics, we have developed a smart computing platform to run highly complex algorithms at massive scale. Very large volumes of data being generated rapidly: E.g. retail client generates up to 1.5TB data per day which needs analytics and insight generation Highly complex nature of attribution problem: Machine learning, unstructured text...
Shilpi Sharma
Digital Marketing Attribution
Topics covered in this session include: Big data analytic & machine learning. Watch Video. Panelists: Rob Enderle (President and Principal, Enderle Group) Jeff Herbst (Vice President of Business Development, NVIDIA) Anders Ranum (Venture Partner, SAP Ventures) Savitha Srinivasan (Partner, IBMs Venture Capital Group) - See more at: