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Kvantum Team
Kvantum has developed a cutting edge marketing science platform based on advanced econometrics, big data and machine learning techniques that enable sophisticated real-time marketing mix and attribution analysis. Kvantum CEO & Co-founder, Shilpi Sharma, talks about how their deep passion for empowering marketers with a more elegant decision making solution supported by sophisticated enterprise-level...
Kvantum Team
Programmatic Advertising
Lets look at some of the trends/ predictions for 2015. As digital marketing industry is undergoing a transformation, article in Big Data Trends for 2015, talks about  data trends expected to drive marketing in 2015. Article in Tech Cruch, What 2015 Has In Store For Native Ads, TV And Email, predicts what marketers...

Smart computing is backbone of marketing attribution product

Smart Data & Computing Series, Vol 1
Shilpi Sharma
Smart Data & Computing
To support real time analytics, we have developed a smart computing platform to run highly complex algorithms at massive scale. Very large volumes of data being generated rapidly: E.g. retail client generates up to 1.5TB data per day which needs analytics and insight generation Highly complex nature of attribution problem: Machine learning, unstructured text...
Harpreet Singh
Digital Marketing Attribution
We understand that starting an attribution project might seem a daunting task for organizations. To take the pain & complexity away from the onboarding process, we have built our platform in such a way that we can incrementally add any data set. The typical implementation and roll out times can vary from 2 –...