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Television has long been the leading medium when it comes to American video consumption, but the landscape is quickly changing. TV industry constantly evolves, let us look at the key trends that will shape TV advertising in 2016. The downfall of TV as an advertising medium has been greatly exaggerated, as this trend continued...

Digital Marketing Trends in 2015

How would Marketing Technology, Policy and Tools evolve in 2015.
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Growing of IOT and its effects
2015 looks to be a busy year. Let us look at how marketing technology, policy, and tools will evolve in 2015. Mobile and tablet have become the dominating source of traffic for many internet brands in recent years. Article in IABUK talks about -What to look out for in 2015 in digital marketing. 2015...
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The TV industry is playing catch up with digital marketing industry when it comes to ad-targeting at a consumer level in real-time manner. Marketers place ads not just on traditional demographic categories of age and gender, but also their geographical location, shopping habits and other bits of information logged as consumers that go over...