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CPG Improves TV Ad Spending and Trade Promotions Alignment

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In the highly competitive CPG categories such as – Baby Care, Adult hygiene and household cleaning, TV Ad spend is huge. While digital spend is catching up, TV still accounts for over 36% of total ad spend and CPG, especially the household goods sector owns a large share of the TV advertising pie. Last one year, a leading household goods brand invested marketing spend to build up a TV adstock campaign. They want to deep dive into the metric performances and specific areas of recommendations in order to make sure they were making the best use of the TV media dollars.

  1. How Adstock, Saturation and Fatigue effects work in TV Media?
  2. How social media conversation help to identify key attributes of a high performing ad copy?
  3. How to best optimize TV with key cross-channel media & promotions tactics?

“Kvantum’s marketing performance solution provides true cross-channel optimization. Our traditional media mix vendor have not been able to provide cross-channel impact at the level of details & at the speed as Kvantum delivers.

VP, Global Marketing Research & Analytics

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Kvantum Team
Kvantum Team

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