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Kvantum Team
Growing of IOT and its effects
The internet of things (IoT) continues to grow, connecting more devices to each other to help run more of everyday life. Retailers have been quicker than other firms to implement internet of things (IoT) devices and applications. Retailers have adopted IoT technologies at above-average rates for both customer-facing and back-end applications. Manufacturers have also...

Smart computing is backbone of marketing attribution product

Smart Data & Computing Series, Vol 1
Shilpi Sharma
Smart Data & Computing
To support real time analytics, we have developed a smart computing platform to run highly complex algorithms at massive scale. Very large volumes of data being generated rapidly: E.g. retail client generates up to 1.5TB data per day which needs analytics and insight generation Highly complex nature of attribution problem: Machine learning, unstructured text...
Shilpi Sharma
Digital Marketing Attribution
Topics covered in this session include: Big data analytic & machine learning. Watch Video. Panelists: Rob Enderle (President and Principal, Enderle Group) Jeff Herbst (Vice President of Business Development, NVIDIA) Anders Ranum (Venture Partner, SAP Ventures) Savitha Srinivasan (Partner, IBMs Venture Capital Group) - See more at: