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Amazon’s Media Impact on Online and Offline Sales

Kvantum Team

In past 6-7 years Amazon has emerged as a powerful ecommerce platform for CPG companies with its features like subscription & save, Amazon Dash, etc. And after the introduction of Amazon Ad Platform (AAP, also known as Amazon Media Group), now CPG marketers are debating on how a brand or category portfolio should be built on Amazon when it comes to merchandising & media.

In this case study you’ll learn:

  • What drives the most returns from Amazon Media
  • The impact from Amazon ads on in-store sales
  • The investment guidelines the brand received in order to optimize Amazon spend

“For the first time, we saw the interplay between Amazon merchandising and Amazon media for some of our top categories. This has certainly helped us & our agencies to shape next year’s media buy at Amazon. Kvantum truly innovates by bringing new kind of analysis on emerging data sources such as Amazon.”

Senior Director, Integrated Marketing

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Kvantum Team
Kvantum Team

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