Monthly Archive:: March 2014

Shilpi Sharma
Digital Marketing Attribution
Topics covered in this session include: Big data analytic & machine learning. Watch Video. Panelists: Rob Enderle (President and Principal, Enderle Group) Jeff Herbst (Vice President of Business Development, NVIDIA) Anders Ranum (Venture Partner, SAP Ventures) Savitha Srinivasan (Partner, IBMs Venture Capital Group) - See more at:  
Kvantum Team
Agile Marketing
Kvantum showcased the technology behind its real-time marketing performance & attribution platform during Nvidia ECS event. Here is what Rob Enderle (Tech News World) had to say about Kvantum. Just one of the many cool companies at ECS: Kvantum. Companies spend millions on advertising, and most of the money they spend is largely wasted....